2.4G Ultra Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

February 19, 2012 in Android


In the absense of finding a store that actually carries the Onda Vi40 tablet that I’ve been drewling over for quite some time now, I’ve been browsing around for small keyboards that could be used with the Onda Vi40 (and other tablets).

I’ve found an ultra mini wireless full qwerty keyboard with a touchpad, with full navigation keys, windows multimedia control – with a built in laserpointer with remote control. Looks awesome, and I can see so many other areas where I can use it besides using it for typing blog posts on my tablet… if I ever get one.



Costs about USD 37 including shipping with Focalprice – and a horrible USD 69.99 if you would purchase it without purchasing a tablet at the same time from Merimobiles. I’d order from Focalprice if I were you – I’ve done several orders from there, and they have been most prompt with deliveries, and their customer service has always been very quick to reply if I have had any questions.